• Reviewed by: kimjason378  on: 2020/8/1 13:27:41
    quaint place. Niche in a small town by seaside where the rolling brand of the moment is bargain macey's and hill billies from maine. Good food, honest prices, and authentic taste. highly recommend. And be Nice to them! :)
  • Reviewed by: amber.syano  on: 2019/6/10 14:32:23
    Love this place! Food is always fresh and tasty, so many options to pick from,Never have a problem.
  • Reviewed by: sblair294  on: 2019/12/13 20:15:21
    I did my order online this time and they were so quick and accommodating...we have loved this place since we moved here 8yrs ago...and whenever we want fresh sushi we call them this time we did online ordering and it was so Simple and quick!! We love u guys!! Please stay around forever!! The cacciola family ??
  • Reviewed by: charlesmitzenius38  on: 2019/10/30 7:35:58
    Where on the lunch menu is Shrimp with LObster Sauce? Father Charles
  • Reviewed by: charlesmitzenius38  on: 2019/10/29 7:11:16
    Same owners??
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